Wednesday, January 1, 2014

bye 2013!

 Started off 2013 with this Jetoy Choo Choo mini planner!

 Bought myself a bed,too! Might seem kinda dumb, but i was pretty excited!!!

To be honest, i'm not into "cool" and "new" electronics, Buuuuuuut i'm a sucker for RPG's and i pretty much bought a 3ds for animal crossing. yup. i'm hooked.

The Specials were amazing the second time around!

I bought my Piano Black Fujifilm instax 50s this year! I must of shot more than 100 pictures in a few months. Such a neat addition!

Camping trip in Yosemite! 
I haven't gone in years and it was an awesome vacation, shot a lot on my digital camera, wishing i had film then on my land camera though. =(

 My little pink tree!

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  1. Seems like you had a great year!
    The pink mini tree is adorable and I also want to get a planner for the upcoming year!