Saturday, January 18, 2014


These Jellypop shoes! (i couldn't find my size anywhere!!)

This cute pencil case

Candied Moon's adorable knuckle tattoos! 

And this one, couldn't find the source for this! But so beautiful!

I had this polly pocket when i was little, i loved it so much!

This HIYAH Bratgirl! necklace! 

Cat Lady Sweater Brooch Set w/ Chain
Cat lady brooch

DC inspired hair bows are too cute!

And lastly, this awesome video i came across:

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  1. You just brought back my old 90's child in me. Polly Pocket was pretty awesome stuff. I need to find a reason to buy that bat bag too. Ha, maybe a small makeup bag. That's sweet! Thank you so much for the helpful tips for heading to a Comic Con! It was much appreciated. :)