Thursday, January 2, 2014

♪ There's a zombie on your lawn...♪

Yaaaaaay! i was so excited to learn that PopCap came out with a second version of my fav game! I didn't hesitate to download this on my phone, plus it's free! Plus the game updates to go along with the seasons. For halloween they plants have little witch hats and santa hats for christmas! And you get a lot considering it's a free game, i haven't even beat it yet! It might be safe to say EA Games and i are soul mates. <alt> <3>

I am in love with this game and i need to own everything PVZ!

Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower Pillow

Sunflower pillow on Etsy

ThinkGeek :: Plants vs. Zombies Electronic Singing Sunflower.

singing sunflower on

Plants Vs. Zombies

PVZ POP! Funko figures! So obsessed with these!

Sunflower Plush Toy - 12"

Plush from the PVZ store

Sunflower coffee mug on the PVZ store

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