Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hulk, Smash! (books)

I was inspired to post about scrapbooking! (thanks, Dany!) I am currently using Kcompany's Smashbooks. I haven't gotten really far in my '2014' book yet, but i managed to pack every page of last year's book!

Here are some of my favorite pages:

The new book:

I love using my Instax Mini 50s & my grandpa's land camera for these books, the pictures fit perfectly! I'm on the lookout for new washi tapes, cute little paper cards, and i could always use more pens. I'm planning to turn my 2014 book about my inspirations, outfits i come up with, DIY crafts i completed and of course all the little moments that make life awesome.

Asia xoxo


  1. AH! I am so glad you posted this... KINDA. Cause now you got me confused on which scrapbook I want to use. xD Yours turned out super cute! It also seems a little more customizable. Hmmm... decisions decisions. I am going to do more research on it now.

    I also want to get an instant camera as well. I use to have a Polaroid but then they stop making instant film for it.

    By the way: Thanks for putting my link up on your page! I'll be sure to do the same! :D I feel so special!

  2. Haha, oh no! =) Honestly I'm sure any form of scrapbooking would be fun. The instax cameras are SO worth it.

    You're welcome! That would be awesome!! I redid my page last night, trying to make it look half decent, but im not finished with it yet haha.