Thursday, December 25, 2014

♥Fare Thee Well 2014!

This year started at great, I had just left my job that I absolutely did not enjoy. Had some money saved up, I had my whole 2014 scheduled out, I planned on reading a ton, I had trips I wanted to go on, plus it's was my golden birthday! 2014 was looking bright! But, In March, something unexpected happened, and my relationship of almost 6 years was jolted and not in a good place. Not getting into a lot of details, It changed my world. Since then, I've made all efforts to stay positive and to not let sadness and anger over power me. This whole situation has drawn me closer to my faith.  I am actually pretty proud of myself. I've struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life so moving forward, was the most important thing I could do, and I accomplished it.  I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't have days where I struggled, broke down, and just felt like almost giving up. I did have to pull myself from the darkness that was trying to take my life over. I started a new full time retail job, that JUST hired me on as permanent, and so far it's been really busy but, it's been okay! I've found things that bring me joy and did not dwell on the bad things. In May I became 100% vegan and that ALONE has changed my whole attitude, mental state of mind, body, EVERYTHING! I'm telling you, try being vegan for a few months and tell me you don't feel different. It's incredible how changing what you put in your body can change your life. And I plan on living like this till forever and forever!

In October I met Lacey Sturm and her husband Josh at a Whosoever event, she sang a few songs and signed her new book for us, which we all were able to purchase before it was on sale to the public! I even filmed a song she's never performed live till this night. I of course sobbed when she sang. She's changed my life, she's a big inspiration to me!

  "Faith" by: Lacey Sturm

 I shot a ton of film this year on my land camera and I'm becoming a lot more comfortable doing so and trusting my eye, haha. Here are my random
faves this year!


In july I went camping in Yosemite, which I blogged about here.

I did a little bit of flower pressing:

 I did a lot of little crochet projects this year, I made a few prototype 3DS cases. ^ This being my favorite and the only one that came out decent! haha! I also taught myself how to knit and I made a really big headband! haha!

I also had a mini shoot for my beautiful pregnant cousin!


Merry Christmas!


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  1. The pictures look great Asia!
    I also am going through the same notions as you as far as relationships. It is very saddening but cheer up. Everything happens for a good reason :)