Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Gentle Barn

My boyfriend and I took a trip to an animal sanctuary and it was a blast! It was so powerful seeing these animals up close and hearing their stories.All were saved from abuse/slaughter. It only fueled our commitment to continue stopping the abuse and murder of animals. We CAN live in a world where no animal has to die for our selfish and unnecessary consumption. It's possible. And it's slowly, but definitely happening! 

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The Gentle Barn
15825 Sierra Highway
Santa Clarita, CA 91390
Fall in love & read each animal's stories here.

Vegan 101 Links:

Miss Buttercup! She loves to lick, and cow kisses rule.


Faith & Aretha

Biscuit!!! My heart exploded when i saw him.



Sundance! He's five months old.

Earl the Emu

Nala was such a sweetheart!!!

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